Dubai Paediatricans and Psychologists Train in a Gold Standard Tool for Assessment of Child Development

Training Department - January 07, 2018

Griffiths Developmental Scales represents an evolution in developmental assessment, based on the latest research and theory, and building on the best of the past. Griffiths-III is a child-friendly, play-oriented measure for assessing the rate of development in infants from birth (1 month) to 5 years 11 months (71 months). Griffiths-III is the product of a thorough re-standardisation of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS) – described as the “gold standard” in child development testing. The standardisation was conducted by the Association for Research in Infant and Child Development (ARICD) and completed in 2015 using a representative sample from the UK and Ireland.

The Association for Research in Infant and Child Development is a registered charity, founded by a group of paediatricians and child psychologists interested in increasing understanding of early child development and thereby improving the welfare of children with disabilities.

Insights Psychology are proud to be the first provider to deliver this training in Dubai and the Dubai. This group of psychologists and pediatricians pictured above become registered users of the Griffiths Developmental Scales, a gold standard tool for the assessment of developmental skills. A massive thank you to Dr Susan Bloomfield and Dr Paula McAlinden, ARICD Vice President and President, for joining us from the UK to deliver this course. Well done to all the participants!

ARICD will be back in Dubai to deliver this course in November 2019. More information is available on the course section of this website. Interested parties should contact [email protected] for booking.

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