Social Emotional Behavioural Needs in School: Specialist Facilitator Course Children with social, emotional, and behavioural needs (SEBN) are incredibly valuable members of our society. They may face additional challenges in their educational journey, such as higher rates of school expulsion, difficulty attending school regularly, changes in placement, and ongoing struggles accessing appropriate educational support. Many of these children have diverse needs that stem from various factors, including differences in neurodevelopment, mental well-being, and past experiences. Supporting them is a vital and nuanced task that demands an open-minded and adaptable approach. It involves recognising and honouring their individual thinking styles, learning preferences, emotional well-being, and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all learners. Insights Psychology DMCC is proud to offer a specialised training course tailored for professionals working with children with social, emotional, and behavioural needs in both mainstream and specialised educational settings.


Individual Learning Support Assistants, Teachers, SENCOs. Eligibility criteria applies.


Led by Dr Dina Bedair (Clinical Psychologist) and follow up sessions with Insights Multi Disciplinary Team

Date of Training
20 August 2024

Insights Psychology, 301 Dome Tower, Cluster N, JLT.

Duration of Course
7 sessions between August 20th and November 15th.

9am-1pm, 20th and 21st August. Follow up sessions; 8am-11:30am 30th August, 13th and 27th September, 11th October and 15th of November.

Course Fee
6000AED for 7 part course including KHDA certificate. Early bird discount of 5000AED total to be paid by June 30th 2024 .10% discount for group bookings of 3 or more. Early bird or group discount, both not to be applicable.

KHDA. KHDA certificate will be awarded after all modules have been attended and course requirements completed.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Individual Learning Support Assistants (ILSAs)

-English language requirement IELTS band 6

-At least 2 years experience as an LSA/ILSA

-Bachelors in education/nursing/behavioural sciences or related degree/Cache level 3 /HLTQ or CDA licensed assistant psychologist or ABA therapist

-Prior experience of working with children with SEBN

-This is a training course, ILSAs should be supervised on an ongoing basis by their school SENCO.

2. Teachers

-Qualified Teaching Status (QTS)

-English language requirement IELTS band 6

-Experience in working with children with additional needs.


-English language requirement IELTS band 6

-Experience in working with children with additional needs.

Session Aims and Outline

August 20th and 21st, Sessions 1 and 2, with Dr Dina Bedair (Clinical Psychologist)

Course Outline and Introduction to SEBN

-Course structure and expectations

-Case study requirements

-Clinical background and presentations 

-Supporting transitions for a child with SEBN

-Building rapport and relationship with a child with SEBN

-Working with the child’s team, building relationships around the team and extending the team around the child.

-What to do when things go wrong, e.g. school refusal 

August 30th, Session 3, with Annabel Whitcombe (Speech and Language Therapist) 

Speech and Language Accommodations and Strategies

-Introduction to affirmative approaches 

-Understanding communication styles and language processing in children with SEBN 

-Using multi-modal approaches to language and instructions, e.g. visuals 

-Tuning in to changes and knowing what language to use

September 13th, Session 4, with Miriam l Mahdi (Occupational Therapist)

Sensory and Movement Accommodations and Strategies 

-Introduction to sensory regulation and strategies to support

-Understand what to do during movement breaks

-Incorporate strategies in the classroom and outside of the classroom

September 27th Session 5, with Jolene Palmer (Educational Psychologist)

 Differentiating Learning for children with SEBN

-Adapting outcomes and modifying tasks to support engagement

-Assistive technology

-Appropriate accommodations and differentiations for learning 

-Adapting instructions and learning to the needs of the SEBN child

-Flexibility in the curriculum

October 11th, Session 6, with Dr Niamh Grace (Clinical Psychologist)

 Mental Health accommodations and strategies

-Understand the value and importance of co-regulation

-Adapting mental health strategies for a neurodivergent child

-Reviewing traditional behavioural methods for SEBN

-Understanding and staying attuned to emotional regulation and dysregulation

November 15th, Session 7, with Dr Dina Bedair (Clinical Psychologist) 

Review session

-Preparing for change

-Check in support 

Assessment Criteria 

This is a pass or fail course. 

Learning will be monitored an assessed via: 

-Learning logs


-Case study

Registration Closes 19th August.
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