About us

Insights is a unique clinic in that primarily specialises in psychological and neurodevelopmental assessments. While the testing psychology department continues to make up the largest department at Insights, we have also expanded to meet the developing needs of the community, and the families that we serve. Over the past five years we have built a specialist multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, counsellors and developmental therapists that can offer assessment, individual therapies, group therapies, and training. 

At Insights we are particularly passionate about supporting individuals with neurodevelopmental differences including Autistic people and ADHDers. We advocate for affirming approaches in assessment, therapy and in our psycho-education for the community. We are committed to including the voices of neurodiverse people in our approaches, and support the support the delivery of harm-free practices. 

We are passionate about the delivery of world class services to our clients. We invest in the most up to date resources, training for our own staff and appropriate supervision of all clinicians. Ethics are of the highest priority at Insights and we put client’s welfare and interests before our own. If you, your family, or your organisation need support from us, we will guide you through our processes with kindness, sensitivity and confidentiality.

Mission and Vision

We are a specialist clinic because we are passionate about the delivery of high quality and reliable services that meet the needs of the individuals that we work with. 

Insights stands for quality and integrity in the delivery of services. We aim to use our clinical knowledge and experience to add value for the people in our care, and to the situations we encounter.