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We are a Psychology Center that is registered with the Community Development Authority, Dubai. Our psychologists are appropriately licensed. We cannot facilitate direct billing with your provider at present. If your policy covers for psychological services, we can assist in ‘pay and claim’ with your insurance company. That means that if you pay Insights directly for services, you can claim back your payment from your provider by submitting a reclaim form and stamped receipt.

It is best that you contact your provider ahead of your work with us. You can call them to ask for 'pre-approval' for the services that you access. You can ask them such questions as:

• Are psychology services covered under my scheme?
• Are counselling psychology sessions covered under my scheme?
• Is a diagnostic psychology assessment covered under my scheme?
• Do I need to submit a referral letter from a medical physician in order for these services to be covered under my scheme? Can I use a referral letter from my GP or do I need a referral letter from a psychiatrist?

We can help you interpret an insurance scheme, but only your insurance provider can confirm for sure if a service will be covered.

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Counselling and consultation sessions are chargeable per session. Payment for counselling is due on the day of the session.

Assessments are chargeable per package, depending on the need of the person – some assessments are more in-depth than others. Payment for assessment is due on the day of testing.

Payments for training courses must be made one week before the date of training.

Fees can be settled by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment plans can be arranged for larger amounts payable for assessments when needed. Please contact our reception to make payment arrangements.