Psychological services

We provide evidence-based and best practice psychological services by qualified and experienced psychologists.

Our services

The Child and Educational Psychology department is the largest department at Insights. Members of this team provide assessment, counselling and therapy services to students in nurseries, schools, and university. This team can also offer support to adults seeking assessment for needs related to neurodiversity.
The Counselling Psychology department at Insights specialises in supporting individuals to address ‘normal’ human developmental life issues and concerns, and more long-term mental health needs. Counselling can be appropriate for children, adults, couples or families.
The Organisational Psychology department at Insights provides assessment, support and training for adults at higher education and in the workforce. Assessments include psychoeducational assessments for adults, personality assessments and assessments of interaction styles in the workplace for the purpose of team building.
Insights Psychology DMCC is a KHDA registered training center. We have developed, designed and acquired a range of training courses that draw on psychology. These courses from personal development courses for individuals, to professional development courses for psychologists and other health and allied health professionals.