We provide evidence-based and best practice psychological services by qualified and experienced psychologists.

Our services

Psychologists specialising in assessments of learning differences and neurodiversity make up the largest team at Insights. Types of assessments available range across age groups, including developmental assessments for the under 6s, psycho-educational assessments for school-going children and students, and diagnostic assessments of learning differences and neurodiversity in adults.
Psychiatry is a branch of medicine practiced by a medical doctor, specialising in mental health and emotional and behavioural differences in young people and adults. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems. Psychiatry often compliments the work a client does with a psychologist or therapist, from a medical perspective.
The Clinical and Counselling Psychology department at Insights specialises in supporting individuals to address ‘normal’ human developmental life issues and concerns, and more long-term mental health needs. Counselling can be appropriate for children, adults, couples or families.
Speech and Language Therapy, often abbreviated to SLT, is an allied health profession that supports the communication needs of children, adolescents and adults. Speech and Language therapy focuses on all areas of communication including language, speech sounds, voice, social interaction, AAC (alternative and augmentative communication), and language fluency.
Occupational Therapy, often abbreviated to OT, is an allied health profession that focuses on function and independence. Our OT team have specialist training and skills in the areas of motor function and sensory needs. Our OT team work with children, adolescents and adults, and the mode of service delivery can vary depend on the age and need of the client.
Coaching and Positive Psychology
Coaching psychology is a branch of academic and applied psychology that focuses on enhancing wellbeing and performance in personal life and work domains. It is practised by qualified coaching psychologists who have relevant qualifications and who have undertaken suitable continuing professional development.