Recruitment day for people of determination at Insights

Gráinne Parish - August 24, 2019

Many of our clients that come to visit Insights Psychology to access our psychology services are people that present with a neuro-diverse profile of distinct strengths and needs. In the past, we have placed a huge emphasis on inclusion of people with needs in education settings. As these students graduate, we've realised that the community and workplaces need support in understanding the value that that people of determination can add to society and the workplace.

We're proud to partner with NorthStart Recruitment, a Dubai based company that specialises in the placement of people of determination in the workplace. NorthStart are a truly unique organisation that act as a bridge between people of determination and the workplace. They educate and support companies and managers to realise the potential that people of determination can offer, while supporting candidates to secure employment opportunities, preparation for entering the workplace and on the job support. 

For many clients that visit Insights, opportunities to develop independence, adaptive skills and confidence in working with people socially, are hugely important for the person's professional and personal development. Admittedly, sometimes the opportunities to practise these skills can be few and far between. We've invited NorthStart to our offices on Thursday 12th of September 2019 to meet potential candidates that are interested in employment opportunities in the coming year. NorthStart are interested in placing candidates of any age that are people of determination, people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities, people with a neuro-diverse profile, and people with significant psycho-social barriers to employment. 

Candidates and their parents, teachers or support workers are invited to attend information sessions to find out more information about specific up coming opportunities and the type of processes that NorthStart use for job selection and training. There is no charge to candidates; NorthStart are a recruitment agency that provide job opportunities in genuine paid placements only. 

Please RSVP to [email protected] if you would like to attend an information session below: 

10am - 11am Employment opportunity information session

11am - 12noon Meet the Recruiter 

12noon - 1pm Employment opportunity information session

1pm - 2pm Meet the Recruiter 

Refreshments will be provided. Location: Insights Psychology, 301 Dome Tower, Cluster N, JLT, Dubai. 

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