KHDA launch the second edition of the Dubai Student Wellbeing Census

Child and Edcational Psychology Department - February 27, 2019

The surveys were conducted in Arabic, English and French to accommodate the home language of learners. The survey was conducted among students from Grade Six to Grade Nine for the second time, and for the first time, students in Grade Ten to Twelve were also surveyed. Measurements including:

• Social and emotional wellbeing
• Relationships, engagement and learning
• Physical health, lifestyle and after school activities

Some results of the survey include:

81% of students surveyed indicated that they are happy, while 85% of students self-reported optimism.

Although 75% of students reported to feeling connected to an adult at home, only 54% of students reported to feeling connected to an adult in the schools setting.

Will these results inform policy for the coming academic year in Dubai's schools? What will your school be doing to shine a light on student wellbeing in the coming academic term?

Find the full text at:

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