Managing Stress and Anxiety: Strategies for Parents Delegates will: Gain an understanding of what anxiety is Understand the power of thoughts Learn practical tools for coping with anxiety Tips for Managing your children's anxiety


Parents; Adults;


Remo Poulsen & Dr Samir Pathan

Date of Training
05 August 2024


Duration of Course
1 hour

3pm - 4pm UAE time

Course Fee


Managing Stress and Anxiety: Strategies for Parents

As a counsellor, and as a mum, Jacqui understands that parenting can be tough – especially during these challenging times. This webinar is designed for parents and adults who are feeling worried, anxious and stressed. It aims to help parents understand more about what anxiety is and where their own anxiety is stemming from. By looking at the interrelated components of anxiety, attendees will discover the benefits of addressing anxiety in a holistic way to reduce stress, not only for now, but for in the future too.

Topics will include:
• Anxiety and the brain.
• The vicious cycle of anxiety.
• The link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
• Common cognitive distortions.
• Real – life simulations based on feedback from parents.
• Evidence – based strategies to manage anxiety.
• Tips for talking to children if they are feeling anxious

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