Confident Communicators: Building friendships from a neuro-affirmative lens This is a safe space for autistic tweens and teens aged 10-14, to explore autism in a creative and celebratory way. Participants will learn about Autism from a neuro-affirmative lens, which will allow them to develop positive understanding of themselves and their characteristics. They will be encouraged to learn about communication and to find their own preferred communication skills, in order to facilitate better communication for building connections with family and peers. Self-advocacy is encouraged and children will be invited to share strategies with others that have worked positively for them.


Autistic tweens and teens aged 10-14. This is a neuro-affirmative group where autism is celebrated. Participants should know they are autistic before they join the group sessions.


Childrens Group Facilicators: Steph Love, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist; Muna Al Khezam, Assistant Psychologist. Parent Group Faciliators: Kelly Pugin, Educational Psychologist.

Date of Training
17 January 2023

301 Dome Tower, Cluster N, JLT.

Duration of Course
75 minute sessions in-person; 8 week programme

4.30pm to 5.45pm Tuesday starting 17th of January. Subsequent sessions: Jan 24, 31; Feb 7, 21, 28; March 7, 14

Course Fee
2500AED (total cost for 8 weeks, including cost of adjacent parent support group).


Alongside this children's support group, parents will be invited to attend a parent support group at our offices, running at the same time. This is an opportunity for parents to share their experiences, ideas and parenting strategies that have been successful for them in the past. Cost of the parent support group is included in the overall cost.
This group support programme is a closed group that is ongoing for 8 weeks, in-person, at Insights Clinic. It is not a drop-in group, participants should be committed to attending for the eight sessions. Given the practical nature of the group sessions, online participants cannot be accommodated for this particular age group.
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