Reinvent Career Preparation Program The Reinvent Career Preparation Program is an online/blended learning program developed to support people in the transition between jobs or careers. Attendees will learn to recognise their strengths, skills and work towards pitching for a new job that promotes job and employment satisfaction.


21 and above; Companies that are supporting employee redundancies; Employees seeking greater satisfaction from their careers; Students seeking support in transition for the workplace;


This is a self-guided online course.

Date of Training
31 July 2021


Duration of Course
Three (3) modules.

Online and at your own pace.

Course Fee
750 AED. Corporate rates available.

KHDA Approved.

Course details: Reinvent Career Preparation Program


Module 1: Online Micro-Learning Modules

Complete each phase's micro modules that are accessible on the go using our dedicated app or from any PC web browser.

Each week participants are required to complete 5 online modules for each phase.

Each module is approximately 10 minutes long.

Module 2: Personal Journal

Each phase comes with an associated assignment in a form of personal journal.

After completing each phase's online modules, participants are requested to reflect on what they learnt and apply the skill to their own personal context. Each assignment can be downloaded from within the platform. All 3 journals should be emailed to the assigned coach after completing phase 3 and before attending the one to one career coaching session.

Module 3: Personal Career Coaching

Once all online modules and personal journals are completed and submitted. participants will be invited to a web call career coach session with a dedicated professional coach.

The session will focus on the discovery participant made during the program. the coach will explore the information submitted in the assignment and will assist participant to create a significant action plan.

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About the speaker This is a self - guided online course.

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