BreakThrough Mental Wellness Program Anyone can learn proactive strategies to manage their mental health with the resources around them and within themselves. Taking a proactive and responsible approach to the management of our mental health is more important now than ever before. BreakThrough Mental Wellness Programme enables individuals to learn evidenced based approaches for the management of stress and anxiety, and to apply these concepts to themselves by completing structured modules and assignments. Appropriate for individuals that want to make a change, or for companies that want to support employees to have a healthier and happier workplace.


21 and above; Adults that want to improve or protect their mental health; Employees;


This is a self-guided online course.

Date of Training
08 January 2023

Online; Blended Learning Programme.

Duration of Course
Three modules; Fourth module optional for indviduals as needed.

Online and at your own pace.

Course Fee
300 AED for modules 1-3 inclusive. 650AED for module 4 (optional extra). Corporates rates available.

KHDA Approved.

Course details: BreakThrough Mental Wellness Program

This programme is split into three modules and an additional, optional fourth module:

Module 1: Online Micro-Learning Modules

Complete each phase's micro modules that are accessible on the go using our dedicated app or from any PC web browser.

Each module is approximately 10 minutes long.

Module 2: Coping Strategies

Each module comes with an associated practical strategies.

After completing each module it is recommended that your practice each of the suggested strategies in order to create the change you desire. Make this practice as part of your daily routine for maximum impact.

Module 3: Webinar with the Specialists

Free Webinar is delivered by a qualified mental health professional covering practical introduction to managing stress and anxiety.

Module 4: Counselling Session (Optional)

Once all the online modules and the practical strategies have been practice, participants can request additional support by booking a counseling session with a professional mental health practitioner. Sessions are booked at extra cost.

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About the speaker This is a self - guided online course.

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