Psychology Assessments

Assessment services

A psychology assessment is conducted in order to assess a person's development in a certain area of functioning. Carrying out an assessment allows us to understand a person's strengths and weaknesses and give people specialist advice to support them in overcoming their personal challenges.


A lot of the time, we assess a student's functioning in the school setting, but we are qualified and equipped to accommodate learners of all ages.


Psycho-educational Assessment

We assess learning needs and behaviors through a multidisciplinary approach including parent/teacher consultation, classroom observation and psycho-educational testing to provide you with a comprehensive report including personalised recommendations.


This type of assessment is very useful for children and students facing barriers to progress in their learning, including such specific learning difficulties as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Guidance counselling Assessments

We can conduct personality, preference and cognitive testing to help you find a fulfilling direction in life.


This type of assessment is popular among teens who need some guidance in choosing career or college options.

Neuro-developmental disorders

When a person presents with learning or developmental delays that are impacting significantly on their ability to meet developmental milestones and engage fully with their environment it can be useful to conduct a diagnostic assessment. Defining a person's needs accurately, allows us to identify evidenced based approaches to help them fulfill their true potential.


This type of assessment can be useful for children that are presenting with risk factors for such differences as autism spectrum disorder.

Exam concessions assessment

If a student has a history of learning difficulties, they may be entitled to exam concessions. These concessions allow students with learning difficulties to show all that they know during testing situations. We are qualified and registered to assess for these concessions across curricula.


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